The History of Love

When we were in France in 2005, I did a lot of cultural exploration of blogs and websites.  I read Dooce, which lead me to Kottke and his list of many links, which are now non-existent.  One day while the kids were napping, I checked out several on the list and came across Fighting Tiger or Battlecat.

Battlecat was an Australian and a traveler, which interested me, so I lurked on her blog and lived vicariously as she made her way though various countries and ended up in Berlin.  We eventually communicated once or twice through her blog comments.  I ended up recommending a book to her, she recommended one to me via twitter, and that’s how I found The History of Love.

It was tougher to read than the last few I’ve recently read, but I loved it, and it has left me with a tender feeling.



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