photo by Paul Ferraris

It’s Saturday again.  I had a stellar day yesterday, and several gifts were bestowed upon me:

  • I was going to have to talk to a volatile person, but I didn’t end up having to talk to her about what I thought I was going to have to talk to her about, but I was willing to if asked.
  • I was offered and accepted the position of “member at large” for Northern California on an executive board of an organization I admire.  I’m intimidated, but I love a challenge.
  • Someone who was being difficult apologized and said how much she appreciated what I had done to make her job easier.
  • Someone else who didn’t like me last year, for no apparent reason said thank you to me.
  • My admin gave me a hug, and then my other admin gave me a hug.

I try really hard to cope with my life, and when I’m in something tough, my immediate reaction is tension, and I have to always remind myself that everything is fleeting and nothing is permanent.  Like the good day I had yesterday.  I appreciate it, because I know Monday morning, I’m may have to deal with some new-fangled B.S.

On an entirely different note.  The croup is in the house and I feel like I’m living in a sauna, what with the humidifier on 24/7 these days.

And, Bryan comes home today from his surf trip.  I survived and the kids survived and I think I’m a better person for it.



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