Dessert Women

Yesterday was a get-together with some of the talented women from baking and pastry school so I baked the NY Times Walnut Tart. I have decided it really needs to be small, small, smaller because It’s like a giant piece of See’s Candy. That’s not a bad thing – it’s just overwhelming. I resolved to make it into tartlettes next time, and to use a short dough, instead of traditional pie crust.

The French-inspired walnut tart recipe is easy-peasy:

Make the pie dough and pre-bake it. It looks super light here; it was actually a bit darker, but it could have been much more dark. I usually make it in a tart pan with a removable bottom, which seems to get the crust nice and done.

Make the caramel…don’t be afraid.

After the caramel is nice and amber-y, remove from heat, add the cream and butter and then the walnuts. Pour into the pie crust and chill for a while. It can’t be over-chilled, I don’t think, but the chilling is what makes me think a short dough would work better.

Viola, the tart is in the center there, next to the other luscious dessert items: B’s lemon bars, F’s brownies, V’s lighter than air cheesecake, which she picked up from world-famous Zanze’s on Ocean St., A’s frangipane-strawberry tart, and M’s brownie pudding. Good thing we all had salad for dinner.

Lovely hostess, lovely co-bakers!




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