On the Table

I’ve got a lot of things on the table right now. Some may happen; some may not. They are:

• One house in the sunset – over a quiet landlord. I’ve reminded her we’ve got two, five-year olds and because of that, we can only be so quiet.

• One house in the Richmond, near the parks, near JG. I see that on Friday evening.

• Applications into eight SF schools. One charter school that has to give preference to SF residents and has no room in the current K. We find out about that at the end of February. Seven I had to choose from the available list. One or two I really like. We find out about those on March 13.

• I’ve written to their current principal to have Isaac tested to see if he’s eligible for an IEP. I feel like a f•••ing traitor, like I think he’s not good enough. He’s wicked smart, and can read pretty well already, I’m more concerned about social issues. This has all kinds of stuff attached to it: bullying, friend-making, etc. He’s awesome, but I just want to make sure he gets all the stuff he can get that will help him be successful if he needs it. If everything else goes to poop, and we end up staying, we’re moving him to Bea’s class next year.

• Applied to a “free school” in the East Bay. It’s a little pricey, but cool. Very cool. Three days a week of academics, mostly free exploration and play with cooking, hiking, baking, art. I wish I could afford private Montessori or the private pseudo-hippy SF school to which I’ve also applied. If none of this comes together, we may un-school. I’m really on the fence about it, but it’s my responsiblity to make sure my kids get the best and I don’t want to blow it, and I’m thinking I might. Got financial aid in the works for the SF school. Am trying to trade teaching for tuition at the free one.

• Loving my baking job. Love, love , love it. Kind of loving my school job. Don’t know if my position will be funded next year and no one at this point can tell me either. I asked my current supervisor if there’s any chance I could be a half-time administrator/coordinator since he suggested it earlier, but since the school’s not moving like it was last month, things will probably stay status quo. The staff is cool, but some of them are a bit gun shy, so I’m not trusted yet. I have to start applying for jobs again, just in case, ugh.

• Still working on my admin credential, will be done in the fall. It will be quick and painless and I’ll be able to be paid more.

• The charter school I’m working on is moving slowly. The plan is coming together and the next step is to contact the woman at the COE here to see if she’s game. Then come a whole bunch more steps. That first one’s the big one. I like COEs; I like COE people. I like my COE people. I had it good. Gems they are.

• I love my kids, I love my partner, I love my life, I love the potential. I’m in a good spot and all this stuff is now out on the screen, instead of in my head. I can breathe a bit now.




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