Saturday Adventure

Yesterday after hanging out in the morning, we went for a drive in the East Bay. Haven’t spent much time over there before and it was quite nice. We drove through El Cerrito, up into some nice neighborhood on the hill and stopped off at a great park. We met another family with twin boys, one of whom was named Isaac. Nice, friendly parents – like really nice and sociable.

Then we headed over to the school I checked out the other day to show Bryan and the kids. There’s a county park across the street so we hiked around in there. We hiked a little bit up some hills and then down into this creek.

Traffic’s always ridiculous on the bay bridge so we took the Richmond-San Rafael home. It was empty. While driving we realized the only time we go to Marin is when we’re coming back from Oregon or further North. After all the snow is gone we’ll make another trip up.

Golden Gate Bridge at dusk was nice and we continued our scenic route through the Presidio, Sea Cliff, Outer Richmond and along the beach. There were tons of people on the beach and it was a balmy 68º.

Drove through the sunset and looked at that house we’ve applied for and headed home for a delicious dinner of enchiladas, and then book reading.





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