Early Morning – Edited

Last night I watched Alton Brown take the original Toll House Cookie recipe and change it so that he came up with three different textures of cookies: Crisp, cake-y, chewy.

I’m going to experiment.

Edit: Um, yea. It works. Or as Liz Lemon would say: I want to go there.

Alton’s Chewy Version – 375º Size 20 scoop – 13-15 minutes – if they look done, they’re overdone.

Sift and set aside:
2 ¼ cup Bread Flour,
1 tsp baking soda,
1 tsp salt

1 cup of melted butter,
¼ cup white sugar,
1 ¼ cup brown sugar

1 egg + 1 yolk,
1 oz (2T) milk,
1 ½ tsp vanilla

• Beat butter, sugars until creamy
• add milk, then eggs, then vanilla, one at a time, beating well after each addition
• Slowly beat in flour mixture.
• Stir in chocolate chips

Cool on sheets for two minutes, then transfer to cooling racks




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