Yesterday the kids made ornaments out of those little beady things that you iron into place, and we played some games. Later we made lattkes to eat with our cheeseburgers and salad dinner. Ikey loved them. Bea, not so much but she tried it, which is saying a lot.

In the afternoon I made the first part of the bûche de noël: a chocolate hot milk sponge cake with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. The buttercream is Nick Malgieri’s recipe, which I made at home on my own for the first time. It came out pretty and fluffy, with little vanilla bean seeds. All my other buttercream has been done under the guidance of someone. Earlier at the bakery J and I made four cakes for his bûches, which helped the process at home less overwhelming. Frosting will happen tonight.

After dinner, we lit candles and each said something that we were thankful for. Then we all held hands around the table and Bea sang a song verse by verse, which we repeated. Then Bea said, “Let’s sit on the couch, Mama.” And we did.




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