Mathematical Trinomial Cube

Today at school Isaac got to work with the Mathematical Trinomial Cube. He is so stoked. It was all he could talk about today. Everytime there was a moment of silence, he would break that silence with a statement about the cube and how he got to do it. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside seeing how happy and proud he was.

I’ve got the flu. I left work early yesterday, and although I’d like to have been able to call in gay today, I actually called in sick.

I got worried about the kids getting sick, so Bryan took them to get flu shots; Isaac was excited but Bea was mortified. I had to talk her into it, and after a lot of hugging she agreed to go. Later I took them out for frozen yogurt down the way.

Also visited the Catholic School this morning. Good vibe, not so innovative academics. It’s a definite possibility. While I was in the city, I dropped off my Kitchen Aid mixer for repair. When I handed it to the guy we had this exchange:

Me: I broke my mixer
Guy: Where does it hurt?
Me (with hand over heart): Right here.




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