Oops. I fell asleep last night before I could post. I’ve been up the last few nights with the most evil cough ever. Throughout the day it’s quite minimal, but as soon as I put my head down, dry, tickle-y cough starts up. I hate you cough.

Anyway, I’m going to carry on as if I had made it through.

I had a sparkly time at my UJ and AME’s house for TG. Got to see my vivacious first cousin, her sweet husband and kids. Had a delicious meal and the pies I made were edible.This morning I made scones for my parents which looked like they were going to be a melted disaster, but they ended up being the best scones ever. Ever.

Today Bea and I got stuff to make gifts with, but the whole thing backfired when the glue we used made the color on the pictures run. Grrrrrrr. Bryan will fix it though. So I’ll just wait until he gets back.

Tomorrow, Bea and I are going to do some art with my most favorite friend and her daughter in SF. She read my mind and called me today as I was in an insane line at Peet’s, waiting to make my caffeine headache go away. Coffee worked. On the way home listened to Science Friday’s broadcast of the Ig Nobel Laureate Awards. Hilarious. So happy there are people in the world to make stuff like that for me to enjoy. I am and will always be the most loyal fan of NPR and public radio and television. If they ever went away, I’d have to remove my ears.




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