Day off

It’s a holiday for everyone. It was a lazy day. I woke up late, sat around and then got my haircut.

We went to a new park and I chased the kids around until I was too tired to chase anymore. Later, they balanced on this iron dog, and figured out how to access the water fountain.

I made an apple pie using the pate brisé recipe from an old Jacques Pepin book my parents gave me for my birthday and faked the apple recipe I use at work, adding some frozen raspberries I had. It looked awesome but because I basically boiled the apple filling, the center came out like applesauce and the pastry underneath was non-existent. I forgot that the bottom crust needs to be mealy so it doesn’t absorb so much water. I also made a walnut tart, the recipe for which I found in the NY Times a while back. At work I cook the walnut pie in the oven, here I bake the crust all the way, separately and then cook the filling on the stove and add it in. Now I’ve got two huge pies lying around that I’m certainly not going to finish and it feels weird to give the neighbors a pie with a couple of slices missing. Does anyone want to come over for pie?

edit: Pies look prettier in person and are tastier visually too. Damn.



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