An hour back

I got an extra hour today, but I still ended up waking up at six, which was actually seven. I lounged around for a while, skimmed both papers and then headed off to bake. I worked mostly with the owner today and we were able to get most of the pies done early on. There’s a big celebration going on in the Mission, so the pie shop is sure to be overrun with patrons. Today I made 24 pear and raspberry pies, 16 apple pies, 6 walnut pies and 24 mini-walnut pies, 10 plum and frangipane tarts and 12 little ones, plus lots of rolling of dough for tomorrow, etc.

Came home and snuggled and hung out with the kids, read some books, printed out some coloring pages for them. We read a really beautiful book called, Rainbabies. Bea is petrified about having children, but I told her she didn’t have to worry about that until she was at least 25 years old. Isaac on the other hand, wants to carry a baby. “I wish I had a uterus.” Sorry buddy, but you can be the daddy.

Tomorrow is another day of baking, followed by an information meeting on the Ed.D they offer at San Francisco State.



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