Family Meeting

On Sunday night we had a “family meeting” where we talked about the new (but really old) rules for our house. I did this under the advice of the woman I met with last Thursday at the JSSC who said this will make our expectations more clear for them. The rules are for everyone that comes to the house…you’ve been warned:

1. Be kind with your words.
2. Be kind to each other – Safe bodies all the time, no hitting or biting.
3. Ask before playing with someone else’s toy, even if they’re finished with it.
4. Have outside voices and do outside playing, outside.
5. Listen and do.

Before you think I’m a big nut job, number 2-4 are the big culprits in our house, with #3 being the primary reason #2 occurs. #1 is just there as a preventative measure. #4 is for mama’s sanity – I must say, “walking, please” at least ten times a day. And #5 is there as a reminder.

We’ll see what happens.

Last night at dinner, Bea announced there would be a family meeting after dinner and we obliged. Once we got there, Bea pulled out a large piece of paper with some things drawn on it, directed us to put a playing card over one eye and to say what the items were as she pointed to them. Some of the things were abstract and when we guessed she would say, “No. Grass. What’s this?” and move on the the next object. It was hilarious and Bryan and I had to hide our faces we were laughing so hard. She had us all have a turn at naming the items, then we each took turns drawing some items and having the other members of the family say what they were.

Also at dinner, Bea shared with us that she really wanted to touch “that dangerous hot thing” (the water heater) but she wasn’t going to. I told her that was a sign of her growing up, that she was able to notice that.

Wow, she’s adorable.



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