Acting as if…

The conference in Irvine was interesting… a subculture of the alternative education unity that I love. I learned exactly what I’m supposed to do and when, so today when I went to make a presentation at the community school, I felt competent explaining what my job is.

Also a new trick I’ve discovered is when I have to make a public presentation, which I abhor, I act as if I LOOOOOOOVE public speaking, as if it was what I was born to do. The funny thing is, it works. By pretending that I’m really good at it, I actually am pretty decent: Good eye contact, staying on topic, thanking the presentees, quick on the feet, etc. etc. Bring it on!

It works with the kids too. Hey kids, it’s nurture-y mom. Nurture-y mom makes picking up the crap you’ve got strewn about, fun!!!!! Hey! The kids looked at me funny, but that just made me get more into it. And you know what? It was fun…they had a good time putting away their books and homework and shoes…and I didn’t get angry and stressed out. What do you know, everybody wins.



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