Thanksgiving at UJ’s and ME’s

For the first time, Bea and I will be going to my Uncle Jason and Aunt MaryEllen’s house for Thanksgiving. I’ll be meeting and reacquainting myself with my extended family. Bea should have a grand time playing with all the kids and now she’s at the age where she can play and I don’t have to worry about her eating dirt or playing in the thorny rosebushes. I’m looking forward to providing pies, several, if asked.

Today I’m flying to Irvine for a conference. I don’t want to leave the family, but going to this conference will make my job so much easier, as there’s no person to actually train me in all the state rules and regs. Don’t want to accidentally do something wrong and lose money for our program, so the three days is a good investment for me. Dont’ know what I’ll do in my evenings. Maybe go to a meeting, maybe see a movie. My first baking classes were in Irvine, but she’s not offering anything until Friday night, and I’ll be gone by then.

Looking around I realize that I’m one of three women (out of 30 people) waiting in this area to fly out. Guess we’re still the minority when it comes to business flying.

Oh, and I got an iPhone. Yippee!



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