Sunday Styles

Yesterday the whole family went on an excursion. It’s been a while.

We lunched at a great spot between Half Moon Bay and Davenport and explored the tidepools, skeletons in the sand and other beach treasures. A few miles down the road was an organic Olallieberry farm, where we were given a box and set free to pick. There were so many berries that picking a flat-full didn’t take long, especially with two eager pickers. We ended that adventure with a third surprise, a Scooby-doo Orange Sherbet Push-Up to keep them awake for the ride home.
After a delicious steak and salad dinner prepared by Bryan, I baked up some homemade Coconut Macaroons, both dipped in chocolate and undipped that I promptly sent over to the neighbors. Then I made an olallieberry galette; if there had been ice cream, I think it would have been too much for Bryan to handle.



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