Portland – Updated…

I want to tell you of the fun I had, but I’m exhausted. Check back soon for updates. I’m going to bed now.

Update: Went for a quick trip to visit friend, K in Portland last weekend. She’s a brilliant tour guide and hostess with a cozy, comfy home.

We ate:
Cuban food at Pambiche
Cajun food at Montage
Street food at the Saturday Market
Vietnamese food at Silk
Basque-y Food at Navarre

We drank:
The world’s best coffee at Coffeehouse NW

We saw:
Art at the Portland Art Museum
Giant lightbulbs resembling ice cream cones at the Rose Parade
A stunningly-cheesy 80’s movie
A THREE DOLLAR!!! movie at the Laurelhurst Theatre

She made:
Apple galette with apricot glaze and a housemade caramel sauce
Cranberry Scones

K’s a good person to wander about in a museum with and to generally hang out. She likes to see everything like I do. It’s fun to explore and spend quiet moments tooling about the city with a friend, massaging our feet in public, talking to serious navy-men and investigating shops.

I’m going to have to give K a turn and take her here when she comes to visit…Thanks girly!




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