Last week was “Cake Week” at baking school. Frosting cakes is not something I ever want to do professionally. I am not patient enough for perfection and it’s not one of my personal goals – it absolutely does not interest me. Regardless, I made a valiant effort at simple cake decorating this weekend and I’m quite happy with my results:

Chiffon Cake with 504875289472 pounds of buttercreme in an attempt to make it even all around. Ha! It’s filled with vanilla-chocolate pastry creme. I wanted it to be more custardy-pudding-y in the center but alas, it all tasted like too much softy-softness. Sugary and sweet but boring as hell.

Pound Cake – close to perfect but not quite. I thought of my Grandma Price when I was baking it. She would make this for me all the time and I LOVED IT! Not as good as hers, but I’ll work towards it.

Hot Milk Sponge Cake with lemon curd and raspberries was my favorite, simple and sweet and tart and lemony. The Snickett Cake.

Devil’s Food Cake with vanilla buttercreme frosting and chocolate chips. The crunchiness of the chocolate chips broke up the boring of the cake-ness. The real winner is to the bottom right of my dotty cake. B made a Devil’s food cake with caramel buttercreme frosting and caramel dots on top. Delicious!



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