Egg Whites

This week was fun with egg whites. Meringue seems innocuous, but it turns into some surprisingly cool stuff. Monday I made chocolate meringue cookies: Flavor good. Texture, meh. I also made the “cake” part of my succès which is essentially egg whites, almond meal and sugar, baked to a nice, crisp, disk. Tonight I made Swiss meringue buttercream which was fantastic and then another woman and I banded together to make French macaroons, which were awesome and reminded me of St. Emillion.

I attached the two cake pieces together with the Swiss meringue buttercream, and then frosted with the same, sprinkled it with toasted almonds and almond nougatine. Then I fused together the chocolate cookies from Monday with the buttercream and rolled them in toasted almonds. It was unwieldy but tasty.

Egg whites rule!



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