Cozy and Warm

Today we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum which was the greatest. I think it’s the best kid’s museum I’ve ever been to. The kids climbed all over real emergency vehicles, played with elaborate ball and water systems, tennis ball Rube Goldberg machines, made authentic, pretend pizzas with toppings, and called out, “Mama, your pizza’s ready. Mama,” just like at Cicero’s.

Isaac had his first “clinic” with the orthopedist/ pediatrician, which is what gets him authorized to receive the therapy no one thinks he shouldn’t have. It’s a formality, but it’s nice to revisit the general issue. A couple of things were discovered: I asked about seizures, because they are common with Ike’s condition, but he hasn’t had any yet (touching wood) and if they might be brought on with adolescence. Apparently if he hasn’t had any by age two, he’s most likely not ever going to have them. Right on! Also, they want to start a treatment of Botox injections into his back leg muscle to help strengthen the front leg muscle and help him get used to what it feels like to stand flat on his foot. This involves an elaborate system of casts which are put on for two weeks, adjusted and reapplied for a total of six weeks. This will allow his brace to be more effective and lasts six months. There is nothing that is going to “cure” his muscle tone, but it will help balance out the weight and favor he tends to place onto his right foot. Eventually he will need to get surgery to adjust the tendon on the back of his ankle, but we didn’t really get into that since we’d be starting with the other stuff first. Not sure how I feel about all of that, but I want to do whatever is going to make life easier for him. I’m also going to talk to a social worker about getting an IEP in place before he starts kindergarten. He’ll definitely need one for P.E. and we’ll have him assessed for other issues as well. That whole process just blows my mind.

Meanwhile, we’ve been staying at my mom and dad’s while Bryan is off at a convention in San Diego. They’ve been having a ton of fun with their cousin and I’ve had time to just hang out with my mom and sister. I made some decisions, and have a new plan of attack when it comes to job searches. Generally feeling pretty positive.

Oh and tomorrow, I’m buying a Gaperon, at the Milk Pail. Yowza!



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