Why I’m a socialist

I’ve been looking for jobs for a couple of reasons. A) We’re kind of broke. B) I need to get going on something. C) We need health insurance.

Since I’ve been staying home with the kids, and not working, we qualify for the state kids’ private health plan which also provides for Isaac’s therapies. It’s the same program we used in SLO when we were insured through my work, and it was awesome. Isaac needs to be covered by private insurance, continually, without a break his entire life or he will never be able to be privately insured on his own. He was born with hemiplegia which is the effect of a pre-birth stroke. It has left him with some movement issues on his right side. He needs to wear a brace on his right foot in order to stretch his leg muscles, but it also helps him with his balance and his leg strength. If he didn’t wear it he would walk on his toes on that side, his bones would grow in an irregular manner and he might develop scoliosis. He needs weekly therapy to help him with his gross motor confidence and skills and his fine motor stuff like holding a pencil, utensil, writing and coloring.

In looking for a job, I have to find something with insurance or else I can’t work. If I have a job without insurance, it will push us over the limit that qualifies us for the state program and I won’t be able to find insurance for Isaac because we’ll be denied coverage for the one thing he needs coverage for. That makes a bunch of sense. I’ve been put into the position that either I work full time and see the kids for 2 hours a day or I don’t work and we struggle.

I’d like for someone to explain to me, why I should be primarily concerned about health insurance, above all other external things in my life. If a child (or any person) has a medical issue, that issue should be taken care of. I shouldn’t be threatened with the possibility that he may lose that coverage, be denied affordable insurance, or be forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money to treat him. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think so.

Update: A copy of this post was emailed to the governor.



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