Tonight I made dinner chicken with prosciutto, rosemary, and white wine. It was a tad salty, but tasty. I think next time I’ll use less proscuitto and I won’t pre-salt the chicken. It smelled great so I had Bryan come in halfway and smell the goodness, in case I ruined it. Considering I have no idea what I’m doing as a cook, it turned out pretty good for the first time. I got the recipe off of the site that K & R recommended, and I got to use the Le Creuset pot they got us as a wedding gift. Thanks again guys!

I was looking through a cookbook my dad got me back when I was 13 or 14: Sharon Cadwallader Cooking Adventures for Kids. It contained recipes that I might be able to tackle now. I read over a note I had made inside, “Tunaburgers. Made 9-24-80. Did not like to [sic] well.” His intention was for me to cook dinner once a week for the family, but I think that may be the reason why he went back to cooking everything.



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