RE: San Mateo

I wanted to share this great email I received from my Grandmother after yesterday’s post. It’s interesting to know that I’ll be living in a place that has so much history for my family.


I can’t tell how amazed I am that you wound up choosing San Mateo, where we lived for so long and where both your Mother and Uncle Jason went to school. San Mateo has a charm all its own, or did have. I know it has changed a great deal since we lived there. We bought in Shoreview, which you undoubtedly know, because [after the war] it was brand new and we could get a Vet’s loan. Almost every one we met, which eventually because our “crowd” did the same thing. Megan, your Grandpa Gillespie soon became the head of “everything” you name it. Joining was not my thing and never has been, but I was proud of all he did.

San Mateo has always been noted for its scholastic achievements, at least when we were there. It was partially because the Hillsborough people had to send their children there and supported the schools. Although we lived on the “wrong side” of the freeway, our children still got the benefit of an excellent education. Your Mama has probably already told you this, Megan.

The last time I was there, I hardly knew the town. One of my favorite memories is when I backed out of a diagonal parking space and hit my doctor’s car. He was nice about it and kept me as a patient!.




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