What haven’t we been doing?

Yesterday we visited the pumpkin patch and today, we carved pumpkins and I made two loaves of pumpkin bread. Ike and Bea are cuter than ever, of course, and they’re having great fun here at Gma/Gpas after previously being spoiled by their other Gma/Gpa set.We’ve decided on San Mateo, but given our track record at decision-making and then taking it all back at the last second, I’d hold-off on buying your train tickets. San Mateo’s got a couple of promising magnet K-5 schools: Dual-immersion Spanish; Montessori x2; GaTE-esque; Technology-infused. They key is that they’re free, FREE I tell you, and they’re options. Regular old public school is not and probably never will be an option for me. Been there, taught that. We go to investigate the whole process early next month. There are always those lovely private schools in SF; dual immersion French and the Quaker Friends school are my favorites, but at $40,000 a year for grammar school it’s just so not-doable. Think about that for a second [pause] $40k a year. That’s paid over and over again for twelve years. For that price I could by a one-bedroom condo in the Outer Sunset.

Looking also for places to live. We saw a couple of cool things at the beginning of the month, but we didn’t realize how good those options were or we would have grabbed them instead of thinking we could do better. All that’s left are the “Oakwood” apartments, the generic kind that are found in Everytown. Yesterday we drove up to take a look at what was supposed to be a duplex but it was actually a s***thole. I won’t go into how much it pained me to make the tour through the entire place. Ugh.

But, and it’s a big one, I am hopeful. I have to be. I am and always have been in love with the potential of things and this time is no different. I’ve learned that I need to add in a bit of realism into that fantasy if I am going to to be happy so I’m trying to be more pragmatic with my decisions.



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