Yum Delicious Brownies


Sorry about the posting drought. Been doing a lot, been doing it mostly in my head.

A dream: My mom and I were watching a travel channel show about some great area in France that somehow had a cruise attached to it. It looked amazing and the cruise was only $700. Bryan was wonderful and said, “You should go!” I worried that I was going to miss the plane flight to the cruise launch, but it was leaving at 11:00pm and it was still quite early. My mom helped me pack, but I woke up before I ever got to go.

A trip: Each Tuesday, I take the kids on a field trip. This week was to the Felton Roaring Camp Railroad. It was so cool. A nice slow, train ride up into the Santa Cruz mountains. Shady, pretty trees. The kids loved it. Then we had pancakes for lunch. Pictures are here: –>

A plan: Started taking a French conversation course, which I dropped the following week. Too much to deal with right now, homework, presentations…I need to save all that brain energy to find a home, school for the kids, decide what I’m doing with my self. Was happy that I was able to understand EVERYthing the woman was saying, and she was talking at quite a clip.

A problem: Kids are freaking out. The school is less than ideal. I won’t go on about it here but let me just say that it’s a change for them considering their only experience with school has been Montessori and Montessori-esque French schools, both of which have structure, but choice within it. Kids are trying out some new, not- so-fun-for-mom-and-dad behaviors that I’ve chosen to blame on the school: Screaming, whining, flailing but not the typical level, at 800% times the normal. Please let it end soon. On the upside, we’re looking at schools in San Mateo and considering a move there.

A food: Made brownies from a box last night, didn’t have energy to make Ms. MS’s delicious, incredibly amazing from-scratch ones. Today I might attempt a nice Sunset recipe for chocolate creme pie.

A challenge: Every morning, well 5 out of 7 anyway. I wake up at 5:30 to workout. I can think of no other better way to wake up in the morning. Lately I’ve been doing a “boot camp” at a park in Campbell.



  1. Megan, I SO admire your ambition to get up and exercise at 5:30. That is a major accomplishment. That is my new goal but I am having trouble in my head. The child in me is saying “no way I WON’T do it!”. I hope to get there soon.Hang in there!Micaela


  2. Thanks! I had to train myself to do it. If you ask Mere, she’ll tell you I’ve always been a night owl. Not at the moment. I find it funny that 8:45pm feels like 11:00pm these days.



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