No cake is safe

See this miniature cake right here? This one? Even though the cake part is dry and mostly inedible, it will be gone by 4:00, guarantee it.

I’ve been motivated to bake in my parents’ fine new kitchen, and since I loved that buttermilk cake I made at the cake baking class, I wanted to see if I could reproduce its deliciousness here at home.

I set out to make a vanilla buttermilk cake with a pastry creme filling and a Valrhona Chocolate ganache. Yes, it does look good, but better than it tastes. What I loved so much about the original cake was how dense and moist it was. This turned out crumbly and dry and not substantial at all. If I had to guess what went wrong I would say too much sugar. I weighed the sugar but measured in cups all the other ingredients. I thought it might need a little something so I found a coulis recipe online and made a quick raspberry one.

It all came together to make the birthday cake you see below. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the extra chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce. Ideas?



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