Travel Sickness

We’re mostly all sick. Bryan’s managed to bypass this round, but Bea, Ikey and I are stuffy, runny and slow. Bea, who used to be the hardy one of the bunch, has visited both the ER and a Dr.’s office in the past three days. Thankfully and hopefully this means all the sickness is out of the way for our road trip.

Today we did some more prep, bought some accoutrements for the trip, rotated the tires. We also took Ikey’s new Batman bike in to Mere’s friends’ shop to have some straps put on the pedals; we want him to get used to the movement of the bike without his feet slipping off. Today I was thinking about which sports Ikey might like as he gets older, and which ones would help him with his balance and body-awareness, which he seems to need to work on, and I thought about martial arts.

This is my son Isaac, the black belt. He can kill you with his bare hands.



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