I hope to die in my very late nineties, with my full faculties, surrounded by loved ones, in France. Advertisements

Sunday driving

We’re all working a lot and spending entirely too much time in the house, so yesterday we went for a…

Le médecin

Waiting in the doctor’s office to see if this is an infection. Edit:  Virus!


The more I see of the interior, the further removed from noise I want to get.

Hearts update

Everything is alright in the heart department. I., nothing and me a small leak, which the cardiologist said was also,…

So quiet

Kids head back to school today. It’s warm out because it’s going to rain soon. I feel feverish yet hopeful.

Tiny véhicule

Tiny streets. Tiny cars.  A full-sized person is going to climb out of that van.  Or 17 clowns.

American cold

Well I finally succumbed to illness, an American cold brought over from my visiting cousin. My aunt and uncle who…

All Saints

It rains in the Pays Basque. It’s raining right now. Today is the day when the French, and perhaps others,…


Hanging out in I’s room while the kids take over the communal areas of the house for their first party.…

Time divided

Time is the most important resource I have. When one doesn’t have a lot of money, decisions about when and…


Here’s a photo of the very nice taxonomists I met in London. All of the people in this photo are…

Waiting room

The quietest waiting room ever, and also well-designed.

Library Days

Like most Saturdays, I taught in the morning and I studied in the library in the afternoon.


There’s a list-making program that I use to keep track of everything I have to do in each of the…