Roots and observations

Today in my Croix Rouge French class, I realized I was the person who had been there the longest.  There was me, Marion, Thibault, and Olga (all from the US, three of us from California) David, (a Brit) and Sandra (a South American).  It was fun to be learning in French, and then helping each…

Career Exploration 101

It was rainy and England spring when I went to an interview at EasyJet in Luton Airport last week.  I loved it.  There was a series of teamwork activities, observations, interviews, and some waiting and conversations with other candidates.  We, the finalists, numbered about twenty-five.  I ended up talking to several young women from around…

Here are two hearts

Hiking through the forest.  Starting in one country and entering another.  Borders are human constructs, nothing could be clearer.


One of those days. I went for a walk with my friend Martine. We wandered and found beauty.


I am in love with spring.  Offshore, warm wind, all the windows open, everyone is happy. After being gifted a washing machine by the landlord’s daughter, a rearranging of the kitchen was in order.  This quickly spread to the salon.  Now we like it much better, cooking is easier and everything seems to have found…